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The English Language Academy :
You want to learn English to boost your career prospects, the English Language Academy  of the Academie des Sciences offers a wide range of courses to meet all your needs:
  • General English Courses:
You are a student or a professional and you want to learn how to communicate in English, our general English courses  will help you develop effective communication skills for real life situations:

Course format Price
36 hours 280 TND

   English communication Courses:

Our communication skills help you to develop confidence, practise your English and improve your oral fluency .

Course format Price
30 hours 200 TND

• Aptis Test Preparation :
Aptis is a new and affordable English proficiency test designed by the British Council. It enables you to enhance your educational and employment prospects within the international landscape. Our  course ensures that you acquire the necessary skills and strategies that will help you maximize your result on this test.

Course format Price
36 hours 300 TND

     • TOEFL and IELTS Tests Preparation :
The TOEFL and the IELTS tests are the most-widely accepted English proficiency tests in the world. The preparation courses we offer help you acquire the skills and the techniques you need to achieve the desired score on your preferred test.

Course format Price
36 hours 300 TND

    • English for Academic Purposes :
You are a university student and you want to learn how to write in English, this EAP course helps you master the building blocks of academic writing that will enable you to write your papers, graduation projects, MA dissertations and PhD theses in any discipline with more confidence.

Course format Price
40 hours 400 TND

The English Language Academy  also offers specialist language courses designed to meet your specific needs. These courses are and not limited to:
     • English for Doctors and Nurses:
You are a practitioner and you want to improve your English, this course ensures that you acquire the skills you need to communicate effectively with colleagues, health care professionals, and patients in various situations and various contexts.

Course format Price
40 hours 400 TND

Other specialist language courses can be provided on demand.

  • Business English:
Course format Price
36 hours 400 TND
  •  Teacher-training programs :
    The English Language Academy  is also pleased to announce its first professional development program aimed for primary school teachers and for more experienced secondary school teachers, who are interested in exploring the young learner classroom.

    Teaching English to Young Learners :
For novice primary school teachers, this 5-day training program will help you identify and explore effective approaches and techniques appropriate to young learners. You will also explore options in scaffolding your learners’ development in the four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, through interactive and motivating activities.
For more experienced high school teachers, this series of workshops will help you build upon your existing knowledge of teaching EFL and learn how to adapt your skills to teaching young learners.

Course format Price
20 hours 500 TND
  • Bac preparation :
Course format Price
50 hours 450 TND